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Thus, it is possible to note that the holographic method of a data recording is the full among all methods known early. Therefore there is nothing surprising that the holography can find broad application in many areas of science and equipment: for transfer and information processing, in cybernetics, computer facilities, in technology and instrument making.

Now joining of spacecrafts in an orbit is successfully carried out. For this purpose all of them are equipped with a number of devices among which not the last is and a laser locator the certain requirements caused by many reasons are imposed to it. First of all, are set by the size of a mistake with which two ships are put to the same orbit. The size of a zone in which onboard means of spacecrafts have to work to provide mutual search, detection and tracking, is defined by the following factors: errors of control systems of all steps, mistakes at the time of start-up and, of course, the scheme of a conclusion.

The second approach to classification of lasers is connected with a physical condition of active agent. From this point of view lasers happen solid-state (for example, ruby, glass or sapphire), gas (for example, helium - neon, argon, etc.), liquid if as active agent semiconductor transition is used, the laser call semiconductor.

Prospects of use of low-power lasers of continuous action for measurement of speeds in streams of liquid and gas are almost revealed. However use of the lasers of big power working in blue-green or infrared areas of a range will allow to increase range of operation of optical Doppler measuring instruments of speed to several kilometers. These measuring instruments can find application in various technological processes as speed sensors for the automated systems.

Various materials became interested in property of a laser beam to drill and weld not only engineers, but also physicians. They decided to use it as a scalpel. In comparison with usual such scalpel possesses a number of advantages:

fourthly, possibility of high-precision precision processing (production the die in diamond, necessary for drawing of a wire, production of openings in the ruby stones necessary for production of clockworks, etc.);