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Style of cooperation can be used if, defending own interests, you vynuzhayena to take into account needs and desires of other party. This style is most difficult as it demands more long work. The purpose it applications - development of the long-term mutually advantageous decision. Such style demands ability to explain the to desires to listen to each other, to constrain the emotions. Lack of one their these factors does this style neef-fictitious. For a resolution of conflict this style can be used in the following situations:

In the same way, as any style of the management cannot be effective in all without exception situations, and any of the considered styles of a resolution of conflict cannot be allocated as the best. It is necessary to learn to use effectively each of them and consciously to make this or that choice, considering concrete circumstances.

The conflicts are distinguished and on their value for the organization, and also to a way of their permission. Distinguish the constructive and destructive conflicts. For the constructive conflicts disagreements which touch on the basic parties, issues of activity of the organization and its members and which permission brings the organization to new higher and effective level of development are characteristic. The destructive conflicts lead to negative, often destructive actions which sometimes develop into squabble and other negative phenomena that brings to to decrease in overall performance of group or organization.

Style of the adaptation will be marked that you act together with other party, but thus do not try to defend own interests for smoothing of the atmosphere and restoration of the normal working atmosphere. Thomas and Kilmenn consider that this style is most effective when outcome of the case is extremely important for other party and not really for you or a code you endow own interests in favor of other party.

From here it is visible that the basis of conflict situations in group between certain people is made by collision between opposite directed interests, opinions, the purposes, various ideas of a way of their achievement.

By experts it is developed many recommendations concerning various aspects of behavior of people in conflict situations, a choice of the corresponding strategy of behavior and means of a resolution of conflict, and also management of it.

The person having strong will, sufficient authority, the power, who is not really interested in cooperation with other party and seeking to satisfy first of all own interests can use style of the competition, rivalry. It can be used, if

Besides, each conflict has also more or less accurately expressed structure. At any conflict there is an object of a conflict situation, connected or with technological and organizational difficulties, features of compensation, or with specifics of the business and personal relations of conflicting parties.