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Immersion liquid has to have the indicator close to index of refraction of a ruby (n = 1, as immersion liquids is applied SnCl2*2H2O solution in glycerin (n = 1,7 and SnCl2*2H2O solution (n = 1.

Concentration of light energy is carried out by the lighter far not ideally. Along with low efficiency of transformation of electric energy in light (35-50%) and incomplete use of the energy (6-15%) absorbed by an active body, losses in the lighter (30-70%) are one of the major factors defining.. . solid-state lasers (1-5%).

Density of threshold power of destruction of a for ruby samples from a single-crystal surface is several times higher. than for rubies with amorphous structure of a surface. Carefully surface has more high superficial resistance. In the range of short impulses the threshold power of superficial destruction Rpor – is proportional 1/timp, where to timp – impulse duration.

Very strict requirements by the sizes and optical uniformity therefore the technology of a of crystals of a ruby for OKG underwent improvement are imposed to the ruby crystals used in equipment of OKG.

The sizes of tension received when using average value of constant photoelasticity of Vf=0,9*10-7 of cm2/kg are equal: =100 kg/cm2 for examples of poor quality. Parameters of internal tension in ruby cores are satisfactory when sampling for a single-mode (TEMOO) of generation. Quality samples (<30 kg/cm provide to  generation of one cross fashion in wide range of a rating.

Optical quantum generators (OK on a solid body call such optical generators in which as the active strengthening environment crystal or dielectric is used. Shirokoizvestny ruby OKG or generators on glass can be examples of solid-state OKG. In this case inversion of population is formed at the power levels of atoms and ions of substance, ­ in a firm aggregate state.

The in which as an active element the artificial crystal of a ruby was the first optical quantum generator. OKG and is now one of the most widespread.