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Vegetable marrows unripe pumpkins (bottle). In food young zavyaz when fruits have the neogrowing coarse thin skin, dense juicy pulp without emptiness. Not leathery seeds. A form – extended cylindrical. A peel thin with a wax raid, white or green color.

2 ROOT CROPS part – the expanded root, at not cat of types – greens. On a structure: carrot, beet and redechny types. The carrot type (, parsley, a celery and a parsnip) – is extended a form (, with the blunt or sharp end), accurately differentiate bark ( and a core (xylems, between them a pith cambium. valuable part – bark. Them sometimes naz-t spicy because of fragrances. Beet type (beets – the district, an oval, is extended forms, dark with rings of lighter (because of alternation of fabrics of a xylem and a floema). Redechny type (a radish, a garden radish, a swede, turnips – the district, is also extended forms. At distinguish the general : a head, on a cat there are points of growth, a kidney, a neck and a root body. On a head na scapes with leaves. For dlit it is necessary to cut off scapes. Kornepl quickly sprout  it is necessary to create quickly having sent away, podderzh-their compelled rest. Kornepl from above peridermy, from 6-9 layers of cages. Thinner do not provide to fabric protection – easily wither. Vazhn of persons-yu ability to heal fur. Kornepl I sod-eat waters (parsley and a parsnip – ). Beet table it is high honeycombs of sugars. Povysh of honeycombs of cellulose – parsley, a parsnip. Pectin in-in in – 0,6-2,5%. It is not enough proteins (albumine and globulins), but they full. There is a lot of ashes in parsley, at OST – it is moderate quantity. Big variety Vit. It is high to soda oils ( beets. In it is fresh a look all, they are cooked, fried, extinguished, soared, made sour, salted,, dried. Did not subject to processing a radish and a garden radish. Pokazat of a kach-v: a look, the size (on to dia), the top is rejected (fur, with forms and the size. Not the top, with rugosity signs, is tired,.

Cards otlich-I am low to soda m of water and sugars (glucose, fructose, sucrose, and high sod-m of starch. Cellulose, pectin contains in-va. At low-temperature storage the amount of sugars increases. Protein full, in moderate quantity. Lowering acidity ( to - that lemon). Mines in-va: K, P, Ca, Mg, Na, Fe, Zn, etc. Vit (With is not high quantity, B1, B, PP, B6, V. Sod-e of lipids of 0,1-0,25% ( linoleic to - t.

Pepper to taste is divided on sweet, semisweet and bitter (carry to spices). The pungent smell of pepper is caused nalchiy air of oils. Fruits have, cone-shaped, the extended forms. Pov-t smooth or wavy. The fruit has a hollow seed chamber and from a cover, semenosets and seeds. Thickness of pulp is 7-8 mm. Grades of pepper divide on early, mid-season and late-ripening.