Escape The City To Write A Critique

5 simple tips to describe a reflection

Work is a basis of creation of material and cultural wealth. It is also necessary for optimum course of biological processes in an organism, therefore, has a great influence on health.

Thus, unsatisfactory conditions zhizniyavlyatsya by the reason serious, sometimes intolerable more than quarters of a world's population. However, people can adapt even for extreme conditions. However, as it was already specified, it is necessary to pay for it with the nerves and physical health.

Except environment health and longevity of the person define conditions of its work and life therefore from a school bench it is important to master scientific and spiritual culture of the people. And, of course, only the healthy lifestyle promotes realization of all opportunities given by the nature to the person.

For the person surrounding environment is not only the nature, but also society. Therefore social conditions also influence a condition of an organism and its health. Living conditions and work, and also character and habits of the person form a way of life of each of us. The way of life – culture of food, movement, a profession, use of free time, creativity – influences spiritual and physical health, strengthening or destroying it, prolonging or shortening life. For the growing and formed organism of school students special value immt observance of a day regimen (the correct schedule of educational work and rest, a full-fledged dream, sufficient stay on fresh air. So, the correct way of life is a health factor, and unhealthy – risk factor.

The human body is adapted for a certain quality physical (temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, chemical (composition of air, water, food), biological (various live beings of indicators of environment.

Morally responsible person understands need of following to norms and rules, a ban and instructions. The conscientious and responsible attitude to health has to become norm of life and behavior of each of us.