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the rule, line-by-line, with observance of symmetry and balanced. Images on reliefs and lists were carried out as well as in a round sculpture by observance of strict subordination to architectural forms, with orientation to their proportions and rhythms, to their scales.

The culture centers on a terrestrial surface never settled down evenly. Among them most that now is accepted are close to us will unite the concept "Ancient East". Among civilizations of the Ancient East the particular interest for the researcher the unsurpassed monumentalism, solidity, represents the Egyptian, arisen in the valley rivers Neil about six millennia ago.

to task. The monumentalism peculiar to all art forms in Egypt, in reliefs and lists is closely weaved with decorative effect. Use of frizoobrazny composition, at the heart of meaning analogy of a carpet is typical. From a long distance such wall looks the motley colourful

grew from another. The relief was usually painted and inscribed by hieroglyphs. It was three synthesis of arts - very techtonic dance organizing space not only walls, but also before a wall, a sculptural modeling of volume, and painting in a rastsvecheniye in the flowers of the real world.

We know some of the most ancient civilizations of the planet Earth. and usually ours with them acquaintance begins with surprise before their works of art. Yes, "their" art is really unlike ours, it for us is "unclear"; we cannot in its works "enter" as, for example, got used to enter pictures of an era of the Renaissance or landscapes of Antique Greece and Rome. It is other world and a key to its understanding it is necessary to look for in its history, it tells it to us about the person and his world of its time.

The relief of the Ancient kingdom was more developed, than wall painting. Materiality of the acting or buried contours of the painted relief was more clear and more real for Egyptians, than purely plane painting.

which art with invariable respect as about something grandiose, inhuman large-scale, the best people of cultures - descendants responded. In all art of Egypt we note line, to our time unfortunately very not peculiar, - greatness.