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The most preferable from the point of view of the accounting of all criteria is the 4th project. It looks better from the point of view of realization of the planned strategy of the company, on its realization it will not be required additional capacities. Time spent for implementation of this project will be required minimum, costs of the project is smallest from all offered projects. Thus the fourth project satisfies the planned strategy of firm, its financial state.

where: 1 - chlorine container (gas); 2 - ; 3 - compressor; 4 - rastvorny capacity (tank); 5 - account capacity (tank); 6 - the pump of pumping of solution of ammoniac water from 4 in 5; 7 - pump batcher; 8 - a pressure head conduit in a city network; 9 - pipeline of ammoniac water; 10 - the water supply pipeline in rastvorny and account tanks.

From the analysis of the available potential and demanded it is visible that the available potential in many respects corresponds to the demanded. However, the head of firm needs to pay attention to a state scientifically - technical information, in particular, on scientifically - technical development, and to take necessary measures.

As an additional sales market it is necessary to consider the European market, in particular, the market of Italy with which representatives preliminary negotiations which showed interest them in services of firm are held.

Problems of water supply are problems socially significant. The enterprises which are carrying out a water intake from water sources, its cleaning for the level of the solved tasks and a turn of money occupy one of the leading places in the region. And so efficiency of use of material resources in this branch anyway affects the general welfare and human health, living in this territory.

As it was already told, introduction to water of chlorine causes emergence in it specific chloric smells and smacks. Apply water ammoniation to fight against these smells and smacks, i.e. enter ammonia into water before chlorine.

The crisis observed in our country and factors, it defining: decline in production, system of non-payments, could not but be reflected in work of branch of water supply. Practically everywhere quality of the drinking water pumped in a water supply system of the cities worsened.

2 - during the works connected with chlorine dispensing constant laboratory control behind a condition of a hloropoglashchayemost of water, residual chlorine in the chlorinated water, especially in the most remote points of a water supply system, etc. is required.

Existence in water of residual chlorine even in small amounts gives it an unpleasant smell. The almost inaudible smell of a bog in river water or crude fish at water chlorination sharply amplifies and does it very unpleasant on taste. And in the presence in the chlorinated water of the slightest traces of phenol there is a specific "pharmaceutical" smell. For elimination of smells of drinking water on city water supply systems it is offered to enter ammonia into water.

" Rosvodokanal" with directors of city water utilities, release of fair brochures, and also at various conferences and exhibitions is supposed to carry out advertizing of the firm by personal meetings of the head. Thus trying to emphasize that the firm always proceeds from needs of the client.